Shop For Hope!

We’re pleased to announce the opening of our second hand online Shop where you will find all kind of digital devices we’ve been using during 8 years of hard work.

The money raised will be entirely donated to Greenhope a project soon becoming an officially Swiss recognized Foundation supporting children with cancer and their families.

Browse the shop and make your part in the fight against cancer!

Centro Medico Lugano (FFS)

La stazione FFS di Lugano accoglie il nuovo Centro Medico!

La medicina oggi è un gioco di squadra, e questo principio sta alla base dell’operatività del Centro Medico che raccoglie diverse specializzazioni sotto lo stesso tetto.

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Une nouvelle boutique du Group vous attend à Lausanne !

Branding Beyond Difference – quand les traditions se mélangent, l’histoire se découvre, le futur se dessine.

Chez Ander Group nous croyons que les idées doivent être respectées, comprises et cultivées, car les changer pour changer ce n’est plus suffisant.

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Teambuilding all’albergo La Rösa, Valposchiavo (GR)

Sarebbe potuto essere un 9 ottobre come un altro, ma quello di quest’anno é cominciato diversamente: un’uscita di team building di due giorni all’insegna della valorizzazione del gruppo.

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Vive la différence! … but there’s more to it than that.

What is a brand? Is it a means to simplify choice in a world with too many options? An implied guarantee of particular qualities? A corporate character? A set of values? And does it (typically Swiss question) translate across languages and cultures?

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  • Simona Tami©Simona Tami
  • Simona Tami©Simona Tami
  • Simona Tami©Simona Tami
  • Simona Tami©Simona Tami

“Everywhere” un libro per bambini illustrato da Simona Tami

Woooshhhh… la magia è presente in ogni momento e chi meglio dei bambini la percepisce. La libertà che un piccolo essere umano ci può regalare nell’espressione creativa è infinita perché i bimbi hanno la fiducia e la speranza intatti, lasciano la porta aperta ad un universo di possibilità.

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Announcing Wanderful’s First Issuu: Interview With Vintage Bicycles Guru, Gianluca Zaghi.

Gianluca Zaghi’s company, Vintage Speed Bicycles, rebuilds and restores classic racing bikes made by the great Italian, French, and Swiss frame builders of the 1950s-70s.

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Ander Group is hiring an WEB PROJECT MANAGER (Lugano)

As a Senior Project Manager you will be responsible for managing cross media projects, branding projects, campaigns, and everything related to our client’s Corporate communication with particular focus on digital projects.

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Ander Group is hiring a WEB DESIGNER (Lausanne)

As a Senior Web Designer, you will work as part of the Web Team and take direction from the Subsidiary Director (Lausanne).

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