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“The power of great writing is transformative and wonderful.” (Michael Wolff)

Design, to some extent, can be an agreement system among designers. So for example there are 20 great tea pots, maybe a 100 I don’t know, and they are sitting in Museums of Modern Art or in the British Museum some of them from hundreds of years ago and we idealize this tea pots as being superb and supreme. Read more…

Egg-Citing Easter 2014

We wish you an egg-citing Easter!

Long before it became the Christian festival of redemption, Easter was celebrated in many cultures as a time of fertility, rebirth and hope – all those eggs, baby chicks, and cavorting rabbits should give you the idea! At Ander Group we’re particularly egg-cited about Easter because these values perfectly align with ours:

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L’arte della speranza.

Debora Torriani, designer di Ander Group dal 2012 è anche un’appassionata illustratrice. La sua collezione di disegni e illustrazioni chiamata “iCosini” è un diario di emozioni nel quale la fantasia e l’interpretazione di ognuno di noi riscoprono la piena libertà.

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Uno Sviluppatore Forte che fa Gruppo!

Il nostro Claudio Cappelletti (Front End Developer) è entrato a far parte dell’American Football Team dei Lugano Lakers. Capiamo che la notizia non sia del tutto pertinente con i contenuti del Magazine ma i colori della tenuta ci obbligano ad una presa di posizione ;).

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Rompre le silence par la musique

Même si cette année nous avions prévu de concentrer nos efforts “DoGood” sur le projet Greenhope, nous avons accueilli favorablement avec joie et émotion la requête d’un ami. Comme c’est souvent le cas, la phrase ressemble à cela : “Aidez-nous à aider !”

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Better Methodologies & New T-Shirts

On Tuesday March 25th we took some time for ourselves discussing about methodological best practices and on how to ameliorate our problem solving skills.

As a branding agency we’re more and more confronted with high degrees of complexity driven by technology on one side and clients expectations on the other.

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Painting by Claudia Ongaro, Cape Town

We wanted to thank Claudia Ongaro for sharing one of her master pieces now hanging in our offices. This piece is part of the Midpoint collection invites us to experience her works as contemplations both conceptually and non-conceptually, our everyday life as mandala, the luminosity of ineffable experience within the eternal continuity of nowness.

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The race against cancer: Get set, Go!

Greenhope Press Conference 2014

This year’s official fight against cancer got under way on Saturday the 15th of March at Greenhope’s Biking Against Cancer press conference, hosted by the Audi Centrum in Breganzona (Lugano).

Doing the moderation (in German!) of a press conference was a pretty nervous-making prospect, but Greenhope’s staff and the always delightful Julie Arlin, who set the stage with her renowned savoir faire, made it feel easy – I’m pleased to take this opportunity to thank them!

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USI Career Forum 2014

Join us at the USI Career Forum!

Se il cambiamento non vi spaventa e siete alla ricerca di un’esperienza professionale intensa, vediamoci domani all’USI Career Forum… del resto sarebbe un peccato non avervi a bordo! Vi ricordiamo inoltre che le vostre candidature possono sempre essere sottoposte compilando questo FORM.

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